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Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Millennia Boosters (24ct) - Back order service

Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Millennia Boosters (24ct) - Back order service

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Back order service - Order inventory from our distributors - Ships to customer within 10 days of placing order.

Maze of Millennia contains new long-thought-lost cards and some of today's hottest tournament-level cards!

From the mesmerizing power of Pegasus' Eye of Illusion to the unseen evil of Clorless, Chaos King of Dark World, you will have your hands full with dozens of new cards. You will need a light source to navigate this maze and the long-awaited Bonfire spell card adds any Level 4 or lower Pyro-Type Monster from your deck to your hand. Other key cards in this set include the Harmonic Synchro Fusion spell card, Transaction Rollback and the dark power of Number 1: Infection Buzzking. Even more surprises await you within the Maze of Millenia!

Each booster pack contains seven cards with twenty-four packs per display. The complete Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Maze of Millennia set contains eight-five cards to collect, including;

  • 11 Ultra Rare
  • 16 Super Rare
  • 57 Rare
  • 1 Quarter-Century Secret Rare
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